Merry chistmas…wel balad machi

Yesterday, in a “INN” supermarket boutique, I payed 60.000 LL. for maximum 6 articles, and I wasn’t buying caviar, charcuterie, foie gras, salmon, or turkey…and this boutique was full, people were buying last-minute food, they looked like histerical ants walking in all the directions, shouting at the vendor “noss kilo jambon fumé”; “w2iyyet camembert”!!!
Trolleys were bumping into each others, and from time to time you could hear “hi charchoura, yay chou chta2tellik, Joyeux Noël habibti, wen el haflé lyom? 3andkon?”
I also couldn’t believe my eyes, but there were people actually having lunch on a bar in that supermarket…what pleasure does it give you in the middle of this crowd to sit there, with all the smells of charcuterie and the loud noise? Sometimes, maybe it’s better not to understand the Homo Libanus…
And this bothers me even more, because having done some charity work this christmas, I know a lots of families who do not have a decent meal for christmas, who were waiting so much for their salary to buy some gifts to their children…but I guess this is how things are, and especially in Lebanon, this is how EL BALAD yaMCHI
May this Chritmas bring and maintain peace in Lebanon and bring some modesty to our people.


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